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Who's ready for a little Friday night story?

This one is about a beautiful woman named Gwen Stefani, who had to endure numerous obstacles and hurdles to get to her one true love Blake Shelton.

OK, so this is basically what went down—Gwen and her sister-in-law Jenny Stefani were ready to go root on her country singin' beau at his Kansas City show tonight, but what was supposed to be a seamless flight to Missouri turned out to be a big ordeal when they missed their boarding call.

Yes, celebs don't always fly private. And yes, if they miss their flight, they don't always get a pass or special attention. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, Stefani shared the entire journey with her Twitter followers, so let's dive right into this bumpy tale, shall we?

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Gwen, and apparently, punctuality wasn't her strong suit. One day, she decided to jump on a flight to see her Prince Charming Country Casanova, but time was against her. And instead, she had to watch her plane fly the skies without her onboard.

"There it goes, there goes the plane we missed," Gwen said. "It's sitting there. They're not letting us on. And we're screwed. We're not coming to see you tonight. Sorry."

Gwen was furious (probably).

But behold! Gwen managed to find another flight out with her pal. Although this is a happy occasion, as seen by Jenny's facial expression, it seems as though the initial delay was still weighing heavily on Gwen's mind.

Gwen's flight had a stop in Phoenix, and it seems like things were starting to look up. She flashed a smile with a fan at the bar while waiting at the airport for her next flight out.

She even made new friends.

And she was able to poke fun at tabloid stories that teased she and her beau had called it quits.

(She is on an adventure to get to him, obviously things are all good in the love department.)

Finally, Gwen and Jenny make it to Kansas City! But there was one last challenge—did her suitcase make it, too?

Surprise! She did!

And at the end, Gwen made it to her destination to see her main squeeze, overcoming the troubles and bumps along the way, because nothing could stop her from seeing Blake Shelton rock that fake 'stache while strumming his guitar.

Oh, and they lived happily ever after.

The end.

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