The Dress, Llamas, Kim Kardashian, One Year Ago

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Dresses, llamas, and thongs, oh my!

One year ago today, pop culture caved in on itself, delivering up a mix of the types of stories the Internet was made for.

In one corner of the World Wide Web, we saw a Tumblr photo of a dress (was it white and gold or blue and black?!) igniting a debate, tearing families and friends apart.

The Dress, Blue And Black, White And Gold


Seriously, relationships probably ended over this heated discussion.

Llama Watch 2015


In another corner, two freedom-seeking llamas went on the lamb (or on the llam?), escaping their trailer and going on the run in Phoenix.

The world watched with bated breath to see if the two furry friends would be captured or ride off into the sunset like two buddies in an old western movie.

And Kim Kardashian reached a new social media milestone, hitting 27 million Instagram followers, and celebrating with a thong selfie.


Each of these memorable moments seemed to invoke a passionate response from the people of the Internet.

Celebrities weighed in, trying to solve the mystery behind the dress.

Looks like there is something that Taylor Swift and Kanye West can agree on.

As for the #LlamaDrama taking place in real-time across social media platforms like Twitter?

Memes, GIFs, and videos of the pair were popping off all over the place.

People wanted to see the animals safe and sound, but when a llama makes a break for it, it's hard not to root for it to make a clean getaway too, right?

News stations cut to live footage of the daring duo as they were chased through urban Arizona.

As for Kardashian, her booty had just made major headlines earlier that winter after she sought to #BreakTheInternet with her controversial Paper Magazine cover.

Her February follow-up with a sexy selfie, of course, garnered plenty of attention.

These are the stories we hope to see trending every day online: rousing debates where nobody gets hurt, animals making their damn dreams come true, and celeb selfies that keep us talking.

Feb. 26, 2015 was peak Internet.

Will things once again converge to create a perfect storm of trending topics all in one day?

Only time will tell.

Just please, don't set any llamas loose just for funsies.

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