Madonna, Eason Chan

Stephen Lovekin/ChinaFotoPress'Getty Images

Well, this was unexpected...

During a show in Macau earlier this week, Madonna brought a random fan up on stage to get a little rowdy with her, but she didn't realize exactly who it was until it was already too late.

The Queen of Pop ended up picking Cantonese pop star Eason Chan—a name she had a difficult time pronouncing—to come on stage and dance around with her. It was all fun and games, but then things took a turn for the worse when she handed him a banana and asked him to show the crowd how he'd lick it.

Confused, Chan asked her to explain, at which point she told him to get "X-rated" with the fruit.

As an international musician who's sold out the O2 Arena and has been honored by Time magazine, Chan politely declined. The whole thing was cringe-worthy, but Chan made the best of it. Without explaining to Madge who he is, he simply told her that his daughter was in the crowd.

According to People's Daily Online, he told reporters after the incident that it was entirely unplanned, and he was just picked out of the crowd for his wild dance moves.

Watch the whole awkward moment play out in the video above.

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