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Chris Rock is getting ready to host Hollywood's biggest Sunday.

The Top Five star is headlining Oscars 2016 and is teasing fans with what's to come, and it looks like he'll definitely be referencing the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. The comedian has pretty much gone radio silent since the nominations were announced, only tweeting, "The #Oscars. The White BET Awards."

But now Rock is resurfacing, tweeting once more about the racial controversy surrounding this year's awards. "See you Sunday... #blackout #oscars," he wrote alongside a video of TV static. While we can't say for sure what exactly he'll say come time for his highly anticipated monologue, we can assume based on this tweet that he's going to address the lack of diverse nominations.

As a reminder, there are 20 nominees in the four main categories and all 20 of them are white.

Rock, who participated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter one month before the nominations announcement, cut the rest of his press tour short ahead of the big day. Aside from these two tweets, Rock hasn't said a peep.

The pressure to host any awards show has always been joked about, as critics never hold back when it comes time to review just how well (or poorly) a host did or didn't do. In recent years it seems like Ellen DeGeneres was the only person to receive a job well done across the board when she hosted the Oscars, and Rock is well aware of that fact. 

"I told my agent I wanted to present because it's like, what's easier and better than presenting? You come in, do something really funny and get out of there," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "But it just seemed like a good time. I hadn't [hosted] in a while, and I'm in between projects...and let's not get it twisted: I'm only here because Ellen [DeGeneres] said no."

Not only is Rock facing the pressure of hosting, he's also up against the high-pressure stakes of having to address one of the biggest controversies to hit Hollywood. Let's just say this probably wasn't what he planned for—or expected.

What do you think he's going to say come Sunday? Sound off in the comments.

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