Kelly Ripa is going above and beyond for Joaquin Consuelos.

The morning show host is in L.A. to prepare for Live! With Kelly and Michael's Oscars 2016 episode, which airs Monday, Feb. 29. During an appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, she revealed that she'll be making a quick trip back to New York City, where her family is based, to support her 13-year-old son. "He has a wrestling tournament in the middle of this weekend," Ripa, 45, said. "We're going to get on a plane so we can fly home Saturday and we can watch him wrestle and come back Sunday so that I can be at the after Oscars show."

That's roughly 2,776.3 miles each way. Let that sink in.

Host Jimmy Kimmel was a little concerned that Ripa would be spreading herself too thin with all that back and forth. "Is he wrestling John Cena?" he asked her. "Why must you go see this?"

"I don't know!" Ripa said. "Don't you think it's a good idea to be supportive?"

"I think it's a great idea to be supportive," Kimmel said, "but I'm just going to tell you, he does not appreciate it at all."

"You sound like my mom," Ripa said.

Kimmel tried to reason with Ripa, explaining that most teens don't appreciate such gestures. "Listen, it's not him specifically, but did you appreciate what your mom did for you at that age?" he asked. Ripa replied, "It's very funny because my mom just had this conversation with me right before I got on the plane. She's like, 'Don't fly back. He's not going to appreciate it. Look at all the stuff I did for you kids and you don't appreciate anything.' That's what she said!"

"And is that true?" Kimmel asked.

"I think I feel very appreciative of my mother," Ripa replied.

"Your mother never did anything like this, though," Kimmel said.

"No!" Ripa said. "My mother wouldn't even get on a plane."

"So, really, you shouldn't appreciate your mother," Kimmel joked. "But Joaquin..."

To make sure Ripa's trip is worth her while, Kimmel decided to make a future "video message" for Consuelos. "Kelly and your dad are making a ridiculous sacrifice to go see your wrestling—to go see you get sweaty and wrestle other teenagers this weekend—and I hope that when the time comes that you become your mom or dad's wiper...that you think about this day and that you appreciate it," he said. Any other advice for Ripa's younger son? "Don't do drugs," he said.

"That's a good message," Ripa said. "He's going to love that."

It suddenly dawned on Kimmel that Ripa might need to rethink her travel plans. "What if he doesn't make weight and you go for no reason?" he asked. Ripa assured him that Consuelos made weight earlier that day. "Were you hoping he didn't make weight?" Kimmel asked. Without missing a beat, the jet-setting mom of three jokingly replied, "I was praying to God!"

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