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Why you gotta be like that, Grey's Anatomy

Once again, our hearts have been broken, but this time they got broken backwards. Tonight's episode was entirely about Jackson and April's crumbling marriage, starting with their divorce—the simplest divorce ever, according to the lawyers—and working backwards to the the first time they met.  

We saw weddings, make-up sex, fights, celebrations, and one adorable dance party when Jackson and April found out they were pregnant. That pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage was clearly a pivotal part of the troubles in their relationship, and everything came full circle with the end of the episode, when April could have been drinking her troubles away after signing the divorce papers: she's pregnant! 

As hard as we're rooting for Japril, the end of their marriage has been a long time coming, and this pregnancy could not come at a worse, more devastating time.

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On Scandal, meanwhile, everyone was having sex. Everyone!

David Rosen was caught between Elizabeth and Susan as he and Susan worked to manipulate Susan using her love for David. Olivia was sexing up Jake, even in the midst of learning from her father that he's got a long-time girlfriend. 

Fitz, meanwhile, was having as much sex with that reporter as he possibly could, but kept getting interrupted by Abby in her quest to do her damn job. By the end of the night, he was downright furious with her for getting all up in his business, but she stood her ground. 

And then there was Cyrus, who was up an impossible amount of no good. He's laying the groundwork to turn that democratic governor Vargas into a serious presidential hopeful, and tonight he did that by arranging a shooting! He made sure that the governor could come out of it injured, but a hero, basically securing the guy's place in the hearts of the American people. So basically, politics are crap on and off screen. 

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How to Get Away With Murder

While most of the group spent tonight freaking out about the video Phillip (or whoever "Argus" is) has, Wes went about deciphering that envelope Annalise left for him. His theory was that after his mother, who was a witness for the defense in a murder case, didn't show up to testify, she was murdered, and it was staged to look like a suicide.

Even with Laurel helping him (and sharing a super awkward kiss with him that will probably not happen again), he couldn't find any evidence of that, but it was the theory that made the most sense...until Laurel discovered one little note made by a detective. Apparently Wes was the primary suspect in his mother's death, and Annalise has been protecting him. 

Laurel also had to deal with learning that Frank was actually Lila's murderer, and she definitely did not take the news well, hence ditching him to help (and kiss) Wes. 

Basically, we don't blame Connor at all for thinking about transferring to Stanford. This place is cray, and he and Oliver would be way better off somewhere else (as long as that somewhere else is also on this show, though). 

On another note, after giving it a few weeks of thought, we are definitely into Wes' facial hair. 

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