Pete Wentz

Gaz Shirley,

Why does the media keep reporting on people we don't care about like Pete and Ashlee and anyone on The Hills?
—F. Stap

You may credit fear and laziness. That permission comes courtesy of tabloid expert Mark Pasetsky, who adds, "Editors are scared. They're scared to try new things, and they're being conservative and sticking with The Hills. The Hills has completely jumped the shark; people know now that it isn't even real. But editors just fear that readers won't buy anything else on the newsstand."

Is it true that Christina Aguilera is the new face of Barbie?

Despite what you may read, not true, per a Mattel spokesman: "There is no Barbie coming out resembling Christina Aguilera; however, there have been Barbie fashions in the past that were inspired by celebrities."

Heard your podcast. You know, Chicago isn't that bad for cold weather.
—Gene, Chicago

Right, right. Give your polar bear a pat on the nose for me.

Is there some reason why celebs can't or won't copyright themselves so that anyone who takes a picture and publishes it without permission is violating copyright laws and therefore prosecutable? Enlighten me please, Answer B!tch!
—Nancy, Grand Forks

Yes. That reason is the First Amendment.

I see this too often not to break this sinister code of silence. That Twilight dude everyone is puddling over? Jonas Brothers? All what nice, older folks would call "homely," but I'm thinking ugly. Come on, B!tch, don't you admit to a few tongue-biting moments when you have to cover the "hot ones" who are so obviously not?
—T. Stearns

That Twilight kid won over millions of teenage girls on a diet of nothing but embalming fluid. Give him some credit.

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