Fast food restaurants have been going a little bonkers lately, don't you think? From crazy menu additions like pizza-topped burgers to chocolate covered fries, your favorite chains have been pulling out all the stops when it comes to keeping its customers interested. Remember when McDonald's tried to be chic with their redesigned bags? What about Chipotle and their free burritos? So many crazy stunts we can't even keep up. One of the hottest trends right now is hopping on the healthy bandwagon. Both McDonald's and Chick-Fil-A now offer kale salads, and according to Eater, Subway and Panera have both decided to switch to antibiotic-free meats.

So what does In-N-Out have to do with all of these new foodie fads? Turns out, Reuters reports, they might be the next chain to use antibiotic-free meat as well. Into it! Why is this a good thing? Eater explains, using antibiotics meant for humans in animal feed can lead to the creation of "superbugs" which cannot be killed with antibiotics. Ew! Who has time for that!? We have to say, we'd take healthy meats over silly table service at McDonald's, amiright? 

What do you think about the possibility of In-N-Out going antibiotic-free? Sound off in the comments! 

Padma Lakshmi chows on a burger 

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