Full House


Fuller House starts tomorrow, and it's time to get majorly up to date.

By now most fans know the basics: DJ's a single mom, they all live in that house, and Michelle is nowhere to be found. But according to our inside sources, the reboot will be rife with inside jokes and throwback nods to yesteryear. For die-hard fans, it's a little present in each joke. For those who haven't been watching the reruns on a weekly basis, you may find yourself a little more lost.

That's where we come in.

Not to out ourselves or anything, but we haven't been not watching the aforementioned reruns, if you know what we mean. To get everyone up to speed, what better activity than a ranking of all the show's best (and not so great) catch phrases. Because you're going to have know a whole lot more than just "cut it out" if you want to keep up with the experts tomorrow night.

20. "Duh!"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

Michelle is a damn sass. But it's hard to fault her when even her eye roll is adorable.

19. "Oh, please."

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

We reiterate: damn sass, but damn adorable.

18. "What's going on?"

Full House Catchphrase GIF

This one is totally cheating, because Danny Tanner didn't really have a catchphrase. But we feel bad for him, and he said this all. The. Time

17. "Well blow me down!"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

Joey is a grown man who's claim to fame is a Popeye impression. But he's also a grown man who lives in a freaking alcove, so cut the guy some slack.

16. "You got it, dude"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

The most famous thumbs-up of the '90s.

15. "Cut it out"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

This saying is legendary by now, but we're a bit wary that the reboot is going to rely on it too much, which is why we're refusing to rank it very high.

14. "Oh Mylanta!"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

What does this mean? Nobody is sure, but we do know that DJ Tanner is a renaissance woman who won't settle for the run-of-the-mill exclamations of other teens.  

13. "No way, Jose"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

When Michelle Tanner doesn't want to do something, she really doesn't want to do it.

12. "Heh?"

Full House Catchphrase GIF

Uncle Jesse is just like any other super-sensitive band lead singer. He may occasionally be a man of few words, but there's so much meaning behind those utterances. In this case, "Heh" can mean everything from "Would you just stop it already?" to "Please get a load of how beautiful I look today."

11. "Aww nuts!"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

Michelle's lisp is definitely America's favorite '90s speech impediment.

10. "Well pin a rose on your nose."

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

Perfect for use in situations when "F--k you" is too harsh.

9. "Watch the hair"

Full House Catchphrase GIF

Because Jesse's flowing locks were probably the highest paid actors on the show.

8. "Talk to me"

Full House Catchphrase GIF

This is how Uncle Jesse answers the phone, ladies and gentleman. Too. Cool. For. School.

7. "Whoa, baby!"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

Please see: Whenever DJ and Kimmy discover a great injustice in the world, or a really hot guy.

6. "You're in big trouble mister"

Fuller House Catchphrase GIF

What are they in trouble for? Failing to vacuum the vacuum, probably.

5. "Ous cream"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

This is, truly, the only way to pronounce "ice cream."

4. "Capiche?"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

Depending on the situation, this can either mean "understand?" or "I forgive you for being a total a--hole."

3. "Whatever"

Full House Catchphrase GIF

In some societies, Kimmy's old boyfriend Duane is the true hero of Full House

2. "Have mercy"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

Come on people! This catchphrase was the '90s!

1. "Nerdbombers"

Full House Catchphrase GIFs

And a sleeper hit takes the cake! You probably weren't expecting this, but "nerdbombers" was (and is) the ultimate insult. Please begin to use frequently in your own life.

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