Kelly Clarkson

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We can't get enough of River Rose Blackstock.

It's extremely clear that Kelly Clarkson's baby girl is just too cute for words, and she continues to warm our hearts and entertain the masses with her adorable personality. The singer took to Twitter tonight to share the latest adventure shared with her 1-year-old daughter, which turned out to be quite the doozy.

Apparently, babies need their privacy, too, so River Rose decided to lock herself in her little room. How, you ask? Apparently, this li'l lady has some serious skills already. Although, it's pretty evident that the entire event scared the poor thing.

Clarkson shared a photo of her daughter looking terrified after realizing what she had done, and we know it's not nice to laugh, but she's OK so it's all right.

LOL! At least everyone is A-OK.

Luckily, more adventures from River Rose will be coming to us in the form of children's books!

The American Idol winner announced on Twitter earlier this month that she is officially a singer-author. Clarkson revealed she has written a children's book called River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, which will hit shelves in October.

"I'm officially a children's book author! River Rose and the Magical Lullaby comes out this October! #NewProject," she tweeted.

Perhaps this little mishap will inspire a new story? River Rose Stuck Between a Lock and a Hard Place, maybe? Just a thought.

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