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Chrissy Teigen is never shy about voicing her opinion, but she was surprised by some of the backlash she faced after revealing a very personal decision.

In an interview with People published Wednesday morning, the Cravings author, model and mom-to-be revealed she and hubby John Legend made the choice during the IVF process to have a daughter as opposed to a son. Some people were quick to criticize this decision, but Chrissy wasn't having it!

"This is all so interesting," she tweeted of the comments. "I said it so casually because i'm just open. I'm around so many open-minded people & forgot it's controversial."

When one Twitter user told the pregnant star they found it "sad people would pick a specific gender/prefer a specific gender," Chrissy fired back with a question of her own. "What is the difference though?" she wrote. "i've already created embryos with a doctor. only after must it be random?"

She answered fans' questions, too, trying to explain IVF in layman's terms. "you make an embryo (outside) from a sperm/egg (fertilization) then it goes back in me and hopefully "takes" aka I get pregnant," she tweeted. "you kind of just cut out the part where the sperm has to swim to the egg and fertilize it. it's all done with a little help by man."

Not everyone was as keen to learn, though. One particularly cruel commenter tweeted very harshly at Chrissy about her family's personal decision, but the mom-to-be took it in stride. "natural or ivf," she responded, "my daughter will never speak to another human like this."

Chrissy pointed out that she was "not mad at anyone's beliefs," but she noted she personally doesn't "actively seek out people to make other feel bad about their decisions either."

Of course, as a reigning social media superstar, Chrissy has developed a thick skin to others' often completely unfounded criticism. She joked that her baby-to-be's gender wasn't the only thing she chose, tweeting, "I also picked the embryo with a taste for bacon, a knack for magic and size 7 feet so she can always find shoes."

LOL, what a lucky little lady!

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