First Furby and now this? We love hearing about the modern day updates to the toys we used to play with as a young BB. Apparently it seems like Nerf wants to keep up with the times as their new blaster appears to be aimed at kids (and perhaps adults who don't want to grow up) with smartphones. That's only our guess, though. Why would we assume such a thing? According to Gizmodo's Toyland, the latest Nerf blaster is as small as your smartphone. Coincidence? We wonder.

Named the N-Strike Elite Pocketstrike (serious business, folks), it will be available for purchase this fall. The article notes it comes with two darts and will sell for only eight bucks! The biggest reason you need this? It sounds like it could be just as fun for adults as it does for kids. We're getting one and keeping it in our purse. You know, to whip out the next time someone tries to tell us we shouldn't be eating so many Girl Scout cookies. Watch it, y'all. 

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Tell us in the comments! 

Khloe Kardashian goes wild at Hamptons toy store! 

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