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So, Selena Gomez recently announced that DNCE will be her opening act for her big Revival tour. DNCE, in case you didn't know, is Joe Jonas' band. So it's a sweet little Disney Channel reunion. Isn't that nice?

DNCE, Selena Gomez

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But lest you forgot, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are touring together this summer as well and they're calling it the Future Now tour. Another Disney Channel reunion! How special.

Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Future Now

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WAIT. Demi Lovato. Nick Jonas. Joe Jonas. Selena Gomez. Two of Disney Channel's biggest alums and two-thirds of the Jonas Brothers?!


Camp Rock? Wizards of Waverly Place? Jonas? Camp Rock 2? Sonny With a Chance? The Camp Rock-Twilight crossover fan fiction we're still working on?! Seeing Joe, Demi, Nick and Selena all together again is taking us back to that magical time, when Nick and Selena were a thing and so were Demi and Joe.

But most importantly, we're getting all nostalgic for moments like this:

Remember when all the hottest Disney Channel stars got together to make a music video about saving the environment? Do today's Disney Channel stars do that?! Probably not.

We understand that nothing can possibly touch the years of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera on the The Mickey Mouse Club. We're definitely not saying that the 2008-2010 Disney Channel era is more iconic than that. We're just saying that those years were a simpler, better time for the human race. And obviously, all these kids have gone on to have wonderful careers and do exciting things, but can't we all just spend a moment in Nostalgia-ville, if only long enough to watch this one more time:

That s--t was gold back in the day!

Fingers crossed that Miley Cyrus will soon announce that Kevin Jonas is her opening act for her upcoming tour. Or, wait. Plot twist! Miley is opening for Kevin! And then all these duos come together at the end of the summer for one giant performance of "Send It On." 

Disney Channel Stars GIFs


Can't they all just tour together and call it the Disney Channel 2009 Revival: Mickey's Back in Town tour? We would pay so much damn money to see that show. Make it happen!

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