ESC: Red Carpet

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Get it right, get it tight…for the Oscars!

There's a lot of work that goes into getting ready for the big show. The diligent A-lister needs to get a tan, prep skin with a facial, tone up with a workout session…the list goes on. The savvy star, however, streamlines the process at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel.

The luxury hot spot sits just a couple miles from where many an awards show takes place, making it the locale to set up at before a special event.

Not to mention, the hotel offers the Red Carpet Ready Spa Experience, a $3,000 multi-day program designed to get guests ready for a formal fete. Yes, this even includes a customized workout created to tone your body for a specific dress.

In the name of responsible investigative journalism, we sent celeb hairstylist and E! Style Collective's Scotty Cunha and his bestie, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Roxy Sowlaty, to undergo the celeb treatment. Watch what happens on day one of this five-day journey to the red carpet. Hint: It involves Oscar-lates.

Stay tuned as we reveal more behind-the-scenes prep every day this week!

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