The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead took Rick and Michonne to a new level, but they're certainly not the first show to take two characters out of the friend zone.

Yes, in "The Next World" Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) went from pals to something way more. While their hook-up never happened in the comics, it was a move that made sense to the actors and writers involved. And it's not the first time a TV show has taken a pair of BFFs and put them together, sending Tumblr into a .GIF-making frenzy. Never forget when a show called Friends paired up more than two of its main friends. And then there are vampires on The Vampire Diaries, FBI agents on The X-Files, enemies on Veronica Mars and many more.

Take a walk down romantic memory lane with these TV friends who crossed the line to become lovers.

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