There are so many reasons to love Adele.

Her voice brings out emotions we didn't even know we had, her songs seem to be written straight out of our soul, she's absolutely charming, her transparency with fans is endearing, she also hates the gym and she would be the best road trip buddy ever.

But one of the main things that stand out about this superstar is the fact that she doesn't take her celebrity status so seriously. It's freakin' Adele, yet, during her time in Los Angeles, she's proven that she's also just a 27-year-old mom who enjoys doing all of the normal things that we also love to do.

Don't believe us? That's cool, we have the evidence to prove it.

1. She Shops at Target, Too: First of all, celebs can probably just have someone go run their errands for them. But not our girl. Adele was spotted rocking a makeup-free mug and casual black ensemble while making a stop at Target in Los Angeles to pick up a few things.

The singer pushed her red cart up and down the aisle sans entourage and was seen flipping through a coloring book, presumably for her son Angelo. Wonder if she also gets sucked into spending more than she bargained for at the Red Dot? Probably. BECAUSE SHE'S JUST LIKE US!

2. She's Down With Jamba Juice: The star's recent appearance on Ellen gave us so many gems, including this one. Adele showed off her improv skills all in the name of comedy by waltzing into a nearby Jamba Juice to give some staff members an encounter to remember (with the help of Ellen DeGeneres in her ear).

From giving a challenging order to cutting the wheatgrass herself and eating on the spot to asking the barista to add a shot of alcohol in her drink, Adele proved nothing was off-limits when it came to giving viewers an entertaining experience, and we just love when she's so willing to get silly.

3. She Cried at Disneyland: Yes, it's The Happiest Place on Earth, but that happiness can also draw some very raw emotion (as Adele knows all to well, we're sure). The young mom revealed that she finally visited the amusement park for the first time ever with her son and partner Simon Konecki, and the experience made her weep.

"The innocence of it all was what was so magical. I cried when I met Belle, because I was talking to my kid and she started talking, and I was like 'OH MY GOD.' She sounded just like the character from the film and it freaked me out and I burst into tears!"

As if that doesn't tug at your heart already, Adele's son was dressed up as Anna from Frozen!

4. She Also Looks for Comfort in a Cheeseburger: Unfortunately, Adele experienced some sound issues during her Grammy Awards performance on Monday, one that she acknowledged on Twitter, saying, "The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that's what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. Shit happens. X."

However, she made the decision that probably any one of us would have made to help remedy the situation—an In 'N' Out run (there's nothing a double-double, chocolate shake and animal fries can't fix!).

5. She's a Cool Mom: Her 3-year-old boy may not understand the magnitude of who his mother is, but he definitely knows she's super cool, and enjoys reaping the benefits of having Adele as your mum.

"He's having the best time. He's here today," the singer told DeGeneres. "Right now he's at the Batman museum. And like he's been to the fire station here. Here's been the Warner Brothers shop. Honestly he's having the best time. He thinks I'm so cool, when he comes to work with me stuff like that happens."


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