Coco and Ice-T's daughter Chanel finally got her big moment on the small screen.

The 36-year-old new mom and Ice & Coco co-host appeared on television for the first time since giving birth, bringing their baby girl to the Dr. Oz show. Host Mehmet Oz held the 2-month-old in his arms, kissed her on her head and gave her an adorable baby gift—a scrubs-themed onesie with "Dr. Chanel" written in sparkly letters.

On the episode, which aired Friday, Coco got emotional talking about her child.

"I have a baby!" she said. "I love her. Makes me cry, when I see her, 'cause I made this little girl, 'cause they said I couldn't. And I did! Screw the haters."

Mehmet Oz, Baby Chanel, Coco Austin


Coco had a serious health concern in the years before she got pregnant.

"Well I actually had high blood pressure since 6 years old," she said. "No one knew about it until when I hit 30. I'm 36 now."

She said she has had blood pressure readings of about 174/111 her whole life.

"My doctor said I couldn't have children cuz I would have a stroke If I didn't get it under control...I was pissed to hear that and wanted a child even more," she said on Instagram, alongside a photo of her daughter's TV debut. "So Chanel is a blessing."

Coco, Baby Daughter Chanel


Many pregnant women will find their blood pressure rises during their pregnancy. Left untreated, hypertension can cause complications such as premature delivery.

Coco carried Chanel, her first child with Ice-T, to full term, giving birth on Nov. 28. She has since shared a slew of photos and videos of her on Instagram.

In her baby blog, Coco had written when she was 30, she lost her eyesight for several minutes, which doctors later found was caused by chronic high blood pressure.

"The doctor said if I didn't catch this now, I could've easily had a heart attack when I reached 40," she wrote. "They also told me not to try to have a baby at that time cause it could jeopardize my life."

Coco said she began to take medication to control her blood pressure and that when she became pregnant, it decreased.

On Dr. Oz, Coco also talked about delivering Chanel.

"There's a procedure how to push, and it's laying back and doing a crunch," she said. "As soon as I knew it was an ab crunch, I was like 'Oh I got this.'"

Her delivery wasn't all-natural, though.

"I had the epidural which was like a martini," she joked. "I love epidurals! Oh my God! That was awesome!"

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