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Oh hey there, Klaroline fans. The Vampire Diaries sees you, and it has definitely not forgotten about you. How else can you explain the end of "This Woman's Work," where a flash-forward saw Caroline and her now-3-year-old twin girls head to New Orleans "to visit mommy's friend?"

Like…yes, that "friend" could definitely be one of the other Original family members. BUT IT CLEARLY ISN'T. Future Caroline is TOTALLY going to visit Future Klaus, right?

TVD showrunner Caroline Dries joked about cutting a Klaroline scene from the upcoming TVD-The Originals crossover during a Q&A a few weeks ago—"We were going to have a Klaroline scene, and then the script was getting too long so we just cut it out. Just kidding," she said—but clearly she wasn't joking about the existence of such a scene.

Anyway, we're obviously going to have to wait a while to see where that whole thing goes (because they only tease us with these 30-second scenes at the beginning or end of each week's episode, and rarely do we get two sequential scenes from episode to episode), but there was another huge Caroline development this week: She had her babies!

The twin girls did NOT want to leave the magical comfort of her womb, but with some witchy help the babies were born via C-section—and Alaric gave them the most perfect names. Twin No. 1 is Josie, named (naturally) after their deceased mother, but Twin No. 2? She's named Elizabeth, after Caroline's deceased mother.

The Vampire Diaries, Steroline

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It was a really touching, beautiful way for Alaric to acknowledge the immense favor Caroline did for him, carrying his babies and all, and is another piece of the puzzle that will eventually lead to them eventually getting together.

The other huge thing? The fact that Stefan, in order to protect Damon, stepped in front of the hunter's blade—marking him for death. He had to GTFO of town IMMEDIATELY and run as far away from Rayna as possible, meaning he couldn't be there for his girlfriend after the birth of her kids. Again: another piece of the puzzle that will lead to them eventually breaking up.

We also learned more about Rayna's back story—Julian almost killed her father, who was one of the Five (the vampire hunters), but instead made her do it. Now, she's out for revenge, and will not stop until she hunts down everyone touched by her blade.

OH WAIT one more huge thing that you might want to know, NBD: Elena is alive! Phew. Like, obviously she is, right? There's no way they could've actually killed her off. And they didn't—Tyler and Enzo knew Damon was not in a good way, so led him to an empty coffin where he hallucinated her body. IRL she's safe and sound under the watchful eye of some of Enzo's friends in New York.

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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