A mystery has been solved, people!

We can finally rest easy.

The dab is a dance that has had many rumored originators.

Was it an Atlanta rapper who dropped the dance move for the first time?

Migos and Rich the Kid are among those on the ATL hip-hop scene who have helped popularize dabbin'.

Athletes, like Cam Newton, do it constantly.

The Dab GIFs

And so do their fans in the stands.

The Dab GIFs

Tons of celebrities have been spotted hitting the dab, too.

Like, Rashida Jones, Betty White, and Hillary Clinton, just to name a few...

The Dab GIFs
The Dab GIFs
The Dab GIFs

And, of course, once something gets popular, local news anchors have to figure out how to do it.

The Dab GIFs

Well, now a star is claiming to be the first person to dab.

In a throwback pic on Instagram that is so perfectly '90s, Martin Lawrence said: "Y'all wanna keep this s--t all the way real. Marty Mar was the first one to #dab on Em!!"

Let's observe everything happening here:

The Martin star is photographed, in the upper-right, very clearly doing what appears to be the dab, while surrounded by the cast of House Party.

First of all, having a photograph in your possession where you're hanging with Christopher Reid and Tisha Campbell-Martin is already awesome.

So. Much. '90s. Nostalgia.

Plus, we can see that—no doubt about it—whether intentional or not, Lawrence was dropping a dance move nearly three decades ago that didn't see mainstream popularity until recently.

Cam Newton was probably a baby when this photo was taken.

Not only is Lawrence able to serve up one hell of a throwback pic, his claims to creating the dab appear to be accurate.

Two lessons here: A younger generation came up with something cool, but of course they're not the first to do it. Also, we need to re-watch House Party this weekend.

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