Vince Vaughn, Jimmy Fallon, Box of Lies


Vince Vaughn is on to you, Jimmy Fallon!

The Internship star tried his hand at the late-night host's reoccurring game "Box of Lies" during Thursday night's episode. However, before the games began, Vaughn made it clear that he knew exactly how Fallon prepped his victims guests. 

"I think I got an idea what you're doing here and it's starting to make me feel uncomfortable," he told Fallon. "It feels good to have those high beams on me and saying these nice things. As a plant, I love that energy. It makes me want to grow strong and tall...I also know theres a box of lies that's coming later." It seems that this plant knows a thing or to about the art of the lie. 

"I think what youre doing is you're poking the big guy with some soft stuff because your mind is getting intel—do the eyes go left? Do they go right?" he continued. "Really youre a sick man who's tracking me."

It seems there's just no getting by this skilled Wedding Crasher. 

When it officially came time for the showdown, Vaughn got his head in the game. Cue the High School Musical soundtrack.  

"You guys know I like to accommodate the audience, but tonight it's personal," he declared. 

The game is simple. Each player selects a box containing a concealed item, shows it secretly to the audience and then tells the other player what it "is." All in the effort to mislead their opponent, the player can either lie about what the item is or tell the truth, but the other player must decide correctly whether or not their opponent is indeed lying. 

As for the actual items, they could best be described as eccentric. Vaughn tricked Fallon when describing a hulk action doll swimming in a casserole dish of crayons. Though crazy, it was entirely true and Fallon faltered when he claimed the True Detective star had fibbed. 

Then, Fallon lied about his jelly bean-covered taco and said it was actually a ruler made out of celery. While convincing, Vaughn wasn't buying it. We have a winner!

Ultimately a good sport, the actor lifted the discouraged loser off the floor and announced, "He's still the champ."

Que the Rocky music. 

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