Dear Grey's Anatomy, It's Time to Put Meredith and Alex Together

If Meredith moves on from McDreamy on the ABC hit, it needs to be with Alex

By Billy Nilles Feb 19, 2016 6:15 PMTags
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Hey Grey's Anatomy, can we have a talk?

Look, we're not sure where you're going with Meredith and Alex, but we're picking up on the clues you're laying down. Last night's episode was rife with them. And, though we've been debating the idea of the last two Seattle Grace interns standing from that fateful class that kicked the series off getting together since, oh, the minute McDreamy died, we think we might be ready to see what a romance between these BFFs would actually look like. 

And, from the looks of things, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) might be ready too.


Sure, she may have denied having feelings for Alex (Justin Chambers) when her therapist asked her point-blank last night, but there's no denying the genuinely warm smile that grew on her face in that scene as Meredith spoke about her friend's messy love life with Jo (Camilla Luddington). There's something going on behind that warmth, something that Meredith clearly doesn't recognize yet because she hasn't given herself the permission to. But after that particularly freeing session with her doctor, where he plainly informed her that she's not a wife anymore, she's not married anymore, she's whatever she wants to be—it felt like something unlocked in Mer. 

You can't tell us that ending the episode with Meredith watching Alex and Jo kiss in the backseat of her car while Maggie (Kelly McCreary) asks her "What do you want to do?" wasn't some sort of hint.

Just like you can't tell us that Alex's reunion with Jo last night is a solid reason for keeping him away from Mer. Not after we saw the way he reacted to her attack last week. That kiss on the forehead? Those worried tears? The way he climbed into her bed to hold her as she cried, making his the first voice she heard when her hearing returned? Alex's friendship with Mer has been a roadblock in his relationship with Jo for a while now, and that's because Jo can see what they can't see, what we couldn't (or wouldn't) see.


We're not saying Meredith and Alex as a couple would work. It could be as disastrous as George (T.R. Knight) and Izzie's (Katherine Heigl) attempted union. (JK, nothing could ever top that horror show.) But to ignore what's clearly there between these two wouldn't feel right. We're not suggesting they ride off into the sunset together, never once looking back at 12 seasons of shared misery caused by a hospital that might also be a Hellsmouth in disguise—though, if you're looking for series finale ideas, Shonda Rhimes, you're welcome—but let's see where this thing goes.

Are we out of our minds for thinking Meredith and Alex belong together? Or is it time to give them a shot? Let us know in the comments below!

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