Jennifer Lopez can do no wrong, even when she's dressed like a ridiculous teenager.

The Shades of Blue star appeared on The Tonight Show Wednesday and helped host Jimmy Fallon bring back the fan favorite skit, "Ew!" Fallon reprised his role as Sara with no h (because that letter is "ew!") while J.Lo played her BFF Gabby. Dressed as a pigtail-wearing teenager in a cat sweater, Lopez looked every bit the colorful tween—with a chip on her shoulder, of course.

"I found out my dad joined Snapchat and he friended me," Lopez as Gabby revealed when asked what was wrong.

"Ew!" Fallon, in character as Sara, quipped.

"His username is Snapdaddy123," Lopez added. "Can I live?!"

When both characters seemingly accepted the fate of the father joining the social media platform, they each decided to move on by making their own goofy faces. Even looking they're worst these two still somehow managed to look good while having rainbows pour out of their mouths. Like any easily bored teen, Lopez grew bored of their Snapchat games so the dynamic duo decided to host a talent show.

Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show


Although Lopez is a megastar on the Las Vegas stage, her alter ego has severe stage fright. After Fallon's character showed off her talent—balancing a spoon on her nose—Lopez's Gabby revealed she can dance. But when it came time to perform, she got awkward.

"You'll never get better if you don't try," Sara said, encouragingly.

Cue Rihanna's "Work" and out came Lopez's inner dancer. The 46-year-old multihyphenate twerked her heart out without any hesitation, proving that she really can dance. Oh, and her dad she mentioned earlier with the Snapchat? It seemed like he approved of her dance moves, too, as he came down to cheer her on and open up about Snapchat.

Watch the hilarious clip, and prepare yourselves to scream, "Ew!"

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