ESC: IV Insfusion Facial


Traveling, drinking and stress can all wreak havoc on the skin. And let's be honest, no matter how many masks or makeup you apply, it can show. Even worse, you can feel it.

How do celebs—especially those flying from NYFW after-parties to awards show and back—kill it on the red carpet…the very next morning?

It may be the skin-soothing, energy pick-me-up known as the IV Infusion Facial, offered at the Dr. Normal Leaf clinic in Beverly Hills. This is not your monthly skin treatment—a board-certified doctor or nurse has to administer an IV (yes, with a needle) into your arm, delivering a personalized spectrum of energy-boosting vitamins—all while you get an A-list worthy facial.

At $315 a session, it's not for all budgets, but considering the clinic is booked solid throughout awards season, we had E! News correspondent Erin Lim try it out.

The Condition: "My face was feeling so dry because of winter and it normally needs moisture," said Erin.

The Pain: "A baby prick." 

The Treatment: "The whole process of the facial was so good," recalled the reporter. "Even when [the facialist] was just applying the gels and masks, it was really, really enjoyable."

The Vitamins: "After a couple of minutes, I began to taste the vitamins—it was cool." Erin's IV "cocktail" included vitamins C (necessary for collagen), Bs (for energy and helps calm nerves), calcium, magnesium (to help with anxiety and regulate blood pressure and glutathione ( a "master antioxidant" for anti-aging and detoxification—read: good-bye, hangover).

The Final Verdict: "I don't know if it's just because my face feels great—like it just ate up a bunch of vitamins—but it definitely energized me."

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