Prince's Passport Photo Is Exactly What You Think It Would Look Like


By Bruna Nessif Feb 18, 2016 3:56 AMTags
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Listen, let's just engage in some real talk right now—Prince's passport photo just you-know-what on yours. Oh, you managed to keep your eyes open? Your smile was believable? Your hair stayed in place? That's cute. But it still doesn't even compare.

The musician took to Twitter recently to share his snapshot, which he needed to take in order to travel to Australia and New Zealand for his tour, and it's absolutely what you would expect from him. What is normally a standard and underwhelming photograph in front of a white wall turned into a glamour shot for Prince, who managed to execute the fiercest passport photo of all time.

Yes, of all time. We said it. We'll even dissect each and every bit, so you know it's real.

Hair? On fleek. Eyebrows? On fleek. That winged eyeliner? On fleek. His chiseled bone structure? On fleek. The sass in his eyes? On fleek. His perfectly groomed facial hair that accentuates his semi-pursed lips? On fleek. That lighting? On fleek.

You didn't expect to hear "on fleek" so many times in a row, did you? Well, you weren't presented with the perfect opportunity until now.

Basically, Prince just inspired goals that we didn't even know we needed...#passportpicgoals.