We're now on the 32nd season of Survivor—yes, 32!—which means we've seen some pretty gross things go down on national television. Things get grimy when you're stuck in the jungle/desert/etc. for weeks with no modern luxuries.

But trust us—you are absolutely not prepared for what happened on the premiere of the newest Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty edition. If you are squeamish, DO NOT CONTINUE AND DO NOT PRESS PLAY ON THE VIDEO ABOVE.

Jennifer Lanzetti, a 38-year-old contractor from Salt Lake City, Utah, began feeling pain in her ear during the first days of competition, when she had a horrifying realization: a bug had crawled inside her ear and was making itself at home.

You can see her discomfort in the first video above. It's horrifying.

While her teammates were naturally upset for her—what do you do when someone is undergoing something that horrible and you have no way of helping them?—they were also getting worried about the day's challenge. They would be severely disadvantaged if she had to be pulled for medical reasons.

But Lanzetti is a trooper—and she stuck it out through a sleepless night and a bloody ear until the situation resolved itself. (Read: The little bugger crawled out on its own.)

You can watch the horrifying moment of exit above. And yes, the creepy crawly bugger seems small, but IMAGINE THAT TINY LITTLE THING SQUIRMING AROUND INSIDE OF YOUR BODY AND SEE HOW TOUGH YOU ARE THEN!

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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