Jodie Sweetin Thinks Dancing With the Stars Would Be "Really Fun"—But Is She Actually Joining the Show?

Candace Cameron Bure is so ready for her little TV sister to dance

By Chris Harnick Feb 17, 2016 2:43 PMTags
Watch: Jodie Sweetin Joining "Dancing With the Stars"?

Will Jodie Sweetin strap on her tap shoes and step under the Dancing With the Stars lights?

"You know the rumor has been tossed around now for a couple of seasons, we had Maks [Chmerkovskiy] and Val [Chmerkovskiy] on Fuller House and it seems ever since then people have been like, ‘She's doing the show!' It's a huge compliment," Sweetin told E! News' Jason Kennedy at the premiere of Fuller House. "I love dance and I think it would be really fun."

But does Jodie Sweetin love dance as much as Stephanie Tanner? See the video below for some Full House dance experience.

It's true, Sweetin has turned down the show before, but sources tell E! News she's joining the show for the upcoming spring season. When she does, she'll be following in the footsteps of her TV big sister Candace Cameron Bure.

"Candace was amazing on the show, she really killed it. She was fantastic," Sweetin gushed.

 Cameron Bure and Sweetin, who starred in Full House together and now appear in Netflix's Fuller House, have several scenes with the Chmerkovskiy brothers. Cameron Bure even gets her dance on again, something she wants to do in real life.

"I am so ready, I am more than ready," Cameron Bure told us about Sweetin's possible Dancing gig and dolling out advice. "I am just there. I will try not to take over for her because I might nudge myself back onto that dance floor."

The cast for Dancing With the Stars season 22 has yet to be hammered down, so rumors are swirling, including Scott Disick possibly joining the show.

"Anyone who has an opportunity to do that show should do that show," Cameron Bure said. "It's life changing."

Fuller House premieres Friday, Feb. 26 on Netflix. Be sure to watch E! News for more from the Fuller House premiere.