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Without question, the first half of The Flash's Earth-2 adventure was one of the very best episodes of the series, ever. But the second was pretty frustrating in that it left us with a ton of very pressing questions and pretty much zero answers.

The most important being SERIOUSLY, WHO IS ZOOM?!

We rounded up the best and worst (and most ridiculous) theories ahead of the holidays, but now that we know a little bit more about the alternate universe in which he resides, let's take a look at the hypotheses from last time around, and add a few more to the mix.

First, the new therories:

Zoom is Jay Garrick

We know he's been lying to Caitlin about why he lost his speed, so he could definitely be lying about other things too.

Probability: Eh, the whole "hand reaching out from the breach and pulling him back in is going to be hard to explain.

Zoom is Hunter Zolomon

It's true in the comics, why couldn't it be true here?

Probability: Possible, though his presence feels more like a fun Easter Egg for the comic fans rather than anything else.

The Flash, Zoom


Zoom is from Johnny Quick from Earth-3

If we look at all the comic book speedsters, Johnny is one who hasn't been discussed quite yet. Sure, it adds a whole 'nother level of complication to the mix when we venture into another universe, but it would totally make sense. ALSO: the man in the mask could be Earth-3's Barry Allen, zapped of his speed juice.

Probability: Honestly, anything can happen on this show.

Zoom is someone from Arrow

Come on, how cool would that be?

Probability: Depends, how much do they have in the budget to get someone to cross over for a few episodes when Zoom's identity is finally revealed?

And now, we'll check in on our old theories:

Zoom is Wells…again!

Tom Cavanagh's Earth-2 doppelganger is kind of a dick—a dick who doesn't seem like he'd be very good at hiding his true emotions.

Probability: How could he keep such a big secret? Eh.

Zoom is Wally West

Joe's newfound son is just fitting in with his estranged family, but could he be hiding more than just a questionable drag racing past?

Probability: Again, eh.

Zoom is Caitlin Snow

Another fun costume for Danielle Panabaker to wear!

Probability: We're all about sisters doing it for themselves, but it seems doubtful that Killer Frost could be both an evil villain in her own right and Zoom him/herself.

Zoom is Patty Spivot

Earth-2 CSI or Earth-2 supervillain? Hm, could be.

Probability: But then again, nah.

The Flash, Zoom


Zoom is Earth-2 Joe

Well, since Earth-2 Joe is dead…

Probability: Not in this universe.

Zoom is Iris' mom

Well, since Iris' mom is dead…

Probability: It could be Earth-2 Iris' mom, but wouldn't Zoom have targeted the Wests more in that case?

Zoom is Barry from another timeline

Well, if the man in the mask could possibly be Earth-3 Barry, there's no reason he couldn't be Zoom instead.

Probability: But we really like the Johnny Quick theory!

Zoom is Eddie

Earth-2 Barry has Eddie on his telephone speed dial, so it also seems likely that Earth-2 Eddie is a good guy.

Probability: Again, these people on this show and their secrets! Could be.

Zoom is some version of Cisco

See Caitlin theory above.

Probability: Nah. But evil man-ponytail Carlos Valdes is a DELIGHT.

Zoom is some version of Barry's dad

Ding ding ding! We still have a winner.

Probability: This is one of the loudest theories—for a reason. It's also one of the most probable!

Zoom is David from Zoom

Anyone who could make you memorize one of Boston's zip codes is probably very powerful indeed. 0-2-1-3-4!

Probability: There's a hidden evil in those eyes.

What are your favorite Zoom theories? Did your mind change after any of the Earth-2 revelations?

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