As if we needed another reason to love Channing Tatum.

When Jenna Dewan-Tatum shared a Valentine's Day post on Instagram this weekend, details remained pretty scarce. Sure, there were the flowers shaped in a heart. And yes, the Magic Mike hunk was tagged in the post.

But what made this day turn out to be oh-so-lovely? Just wait until you get the specific details.

"I had a great Valentine's. Channing came back early from a press tour [in Berlin] and surprised me, which was so sweet," Jenna shared on Tuesday's all-new Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I thought I had two extra days."

She continued, "So I come home and I walk in. I come back from set and I was like what is going on? There was like things in the kitchen. That was weird. And then I was like wait, there's roses. And he put roses all the way up to the room which was so sweet."

#HappyValentines, share the love today!!

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The gesture was so thoughtful that it may have topped Jenna's recent girls' night out that included the one and only Justin Bieber.

While hanging out with her "best girlfriends" at a neighborhood restaurant, Jenna and her group couldn't help but notice a talented man playing the piano.

"We're like this is really good," she explained to Ellen DeGeneres. "And we're like it sounds like Justin Bieber. And then ding, ding, ding, ding it dawned on us. We were like that's Justin Bieber."

Instead of keeping it cool, the actress admits her pals totally freaked out with some scrambling to put on lipstick and fix each other's hair.

When you meet Bieber at your girls night out and appropriately fangirl out in a selfie (btw he is the sweetest)

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"We all completely fan-girled out," Jenna confessed. "We turned immediately 16. We sent him a drink to say thank you for serenading us."

Despite the unforgettable night out, Channing really has nothing to worry about. In fact, the "Baby" singer himself has a soft spot for the talented actor.

"[Justin] goes, can we take a selfie and I'm like sure, yes let's take a selfie," Jenna shared as the finished product flashed across the screen. "And he goes I want to send it to Chan. He's my man crush." We told you everybody loves Channing!

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