Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Much like his Deadpool character, Ryan Reynolds has no fear about cutting to the chase and asking the questions we're all too afraid to ask—especially when faced with a Hollywood hunk like Hugh Jackman

The two X-Men Origins co-stars found themselves face to face once again after Reynolds decided to crash a press junket for Jackman's latest film, Eddie the Eagle. Unfortunately for the Oscar nominee, but extremely fortunate for everyone else, Reynolds breezed into his first celebrity interview with a lineup of eccentric questions only he could ask the esteemed star. 

"Do you do all your own acting?" Reynolds quipped. 

"If there's sex scenes, I do them," Jackman replied matter-of-factly. "[That's the] key to a good marriage."

His interviewer couldn't agree more. "That's where the craft is." 

"Do you ever age?" Reynolds continued. "Not since 2008," Jackman replied. 

"You are f--king gorgeous!" he responded. We're starting to sense a bit of a man crush developing here. 

 Still, Reynolds couldn't help but question the source of Jackman's good silver screen fortune. 

"How much of Hugh Jackman's immense success is raw talent and how much is just advantageous bone structure?" he wondered. Seriously, we stay awake at night wondering the exact same thing. 

Still, things got a little sensitive when a male fan from New York, "Blake Lively" submitted a "question" for the star.

"Hugh, I tried calling you on the burner phone and you didn't answer. Are we still meeting at the Gansevoort Hotel this afternoon?" Reynolds read fro the mystery fan. "I don't have much time because Ryan's having a mani-pedi from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m."

Reynolds couldn't help but feel a little curious about the inquiring fan, considering the uncanny similarities to his own wife of four years.

"That's so weird," he said with a hysterical blank stare. 

 One thing that isn't weird: his mani-pedi appointment. Thanks for the inspiration, Reynolds—we just booked one ourselves. 

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