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There are two things that are inevitably going to happen when you sit down with your family to play a game of Monopoly. Number one: You will all fight over who gets to be the top hat. And number two: the banker will cheat his or her ass off. Or if you're sly and playing with your grandma who is losing her eyesight, you can swipe some money from her pile when she's focusing on her properties on Baltic Avenue.

But now Hasbro has announced a big change to its gaming mechanics that will probably appeal to the younger generation but certainly anger those who grew up with those pastel paper stacks.

Monopoly Ultimate Baking, which will come out later this year, will not have cash but instead it will basically have a credit card that players can scan to spend and receive money. Funds will be transferred between players without having to do that annoying math your teachers always insisted you'd use when you were older. (You lied, every teacher we ever had!)

Monopoly Ultimate Baking


Even Chance cards that award players money will automatically go into their account with just a quick flick of the wrist over the "ultimate banking unit."

Monopoly did have a version of this card system that came out a few years ago, but players had to manually enter the amount before scanning their credit cards and it actually made the game twice as long. And who has time for that? This way, gameplay will certainly be shortened and instead of taking 16 hours to finish a round of Monopoly, it should only take 12 hours.

Another new feature of Monopoly Ultimate Banking is the addition of Chance cards called "Life Events," which will cause prices of properties to fluctuate. Just like in real life! What's worth thousands of dollars to you today might be worth a couple bucks tomorrow. Wah wahhh….

So what do you guys think of Monopoly's latest change in gameplay? Do you think it'll make the game better or should they just stick with the classic paper money? Personally, we're a little annoyed with this change because how the hell are we going to secretly stash money under the board now?!

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