Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Christina Aguilera, The Tonight Show

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

While we're still months ahead of Memorial Day, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Christina Aguilera had no fashion qualms about jumping right back into their tight white pants. 

The trio of stars took the stage during Monday's broadcast of The Tonight Show for a reunion of sorts with the show's most beloved pair of form-fitting bottoms. 

Ferrell launched the years-old sketch by appearing first, decked in the skin-tight trousers and signature bowl-cut wig. He was quickly joined by the  Grammy winner, who posed as his small-town wife also sporting the white pants as she swiveled her hips. 

While all appeared well at the surface, tension began building among the characters when they were reunited with a joyously skipping and supremely confident Fallon. 

"You say people are talking about your tight pants down at the penny arcade?" Ferrell quipped at Fallon. "I find that hard to believe because ever since we moved to this town, everyone we know has been talking about our tight pants." Shots fired!

When Fallon defended his reign as the tightest pants-wearer in all the land, Ferrell and Aguilera asserted their newborn baby boy is actually the real heir to the tight pants throne. Well, the late-night host would simply not stand for it.  

"Well ain't that a bag of beans especially since you and I haven't spoken since that one magical night we shared nine months ago," Fallon shot back at Aguilera. 

Don't mess with the lioness! The singer suddenly burst out into the wild call of The Lion King's signature theme sing "The Circle of Life." 

It worked—Fallon reluctantly retreated to another town and the happy parents resumed their wholesome tight-pant song and dance. 

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