Seems like we're heading for heartbreak on Game of Thrones. 

The HBO drama just released a new teaser for the upcoming season six, and we just watched it like four times in a row. Two of those times were because we're bad at recognizing faces without hair, but the other two times were an attempt to figure out WTF is going on. 

Basically, we not only get to revisit a few of our favorite (and least favorite—hey Joffrey!) deceased characters, but we also get to see what it would look like if all of the characters on this show were bald, beheaded, and stashed on a shelf. 

"The long night has come," Jon Snow's (Kit Harington) disembodied head says telepathically. "And the dead come with it." 

Just watch the teaser above, and then watch it again a couple more times. We'll wait. 

Did anyone else nearly have a heart attack when Tyrion's head appeared? We're just not ready! 

This season might be one of the most anticipated seasons of TV in years, partly thanks to that cliffhanger that left Jon Snow dead on the ground, accompanied by nonstop teasing on the part of every single person involved in the show as to whether he's truly forever dead. 

He's most likely not truly forever dead, given the fact that Kit Harington has been spotted rocking that Jon Snow hair at season six filming locations, but we won't know his fate for sure until the show returns in April. 

This season is also an important one because it's the first one that's not following a book that everyone has already read, since author George R. R. Martin has yet to finish the next book in the series. This time, we're all in the dark, and it's been a particularly rough eight months of speculating. 

Clearly, Game of Thrones is aware of our obsession with the show's tendency to kill everyone we love, and if this death-themed teaser is any indication, season six is going to continue to be very unkind to us. 

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 24. 

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