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"God, this is really weird," Alicia Florrick said as she hugged Cary Agos in the reception area of Lockhart, Agos and Lee, her old and now new home. But that line can just as easily describe watching The Good Wife now. During the Super Bowl, CBS announced this would be the last season. There are just nine episodes left of The Good Wife. I knew that would color how I watched these final nine episodes. It's no secret this season has largely been…strange. Now that we know the end is officially nigh, I'm paying attention to little things more. For the first time this year, I feel like I know where The Good Wife is going and it looks great. This episode, "Monday," was the best episode of the season. It felt like old times, with an injection of new.

Lucca and Alicia officially made their way to Lockhart, Agos and Lee and all your favorites were under one roof again. That was the most enjoyable part, even with the friction between Diane, Alicia and Lucca. This is how The Good Wife was meant to be. What worked in this episode? Every story had a tie to Alicia once again.

Case of the week: Howell, the tech guy who helped Kalinda forge police records, got his hands on Chum Hum's new tablet and wanted Alicia to help negotiate the sale of it to a blog. Diane was hesitant about the whole thing and Lucca sort of forced their hand into taking the case. Everything changed when Howell was arrested and charged with stealing the tablet. Alicia went back and forth, eventually getting Howell off by arguing he was a journalist based on his massive amount of Twitter followers.

While all this was happening, Roland Hlavin, that FBI agent Alicia defended who was trying to take down the bond court judge, was poking around trying to get dirt on Alicia. He flirted with Marissa Gold, but the daughter of Eli Gold is too smart for that business. He was asking all sorts of things about Alicia, Peter and the campaign. This brought Ruth back to issue quite the warning to Alicia. I love Margo Martindale.

"No question Peter loves you, but he can hurt you, drag you down. Not only destroy everything you've done, but everything you want to do. Cash out while you still can," Ruth to Alicia.

Will Alicia heed her warning? Probably not. Does this have to do with the NSA watching Alicia again? Probably.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Jason could not stop flirting with each other. We got confirmation that all they've done is kiss and smile uncontrollably at each other.

"We kissed," she told him.
"I know," Jason replied.
"So what do we do now?" Alicia asked.
"I don't know, I'm not big on planning," Jason replied. Of course

I just want Alicia to have a happy ending, with or without a man.

Gasp count: 0, but that's fine because this was a fun episode.

Some other things:

Alicia in the elevator going up to Lockhart Agos got me a little emotional. Here she is again.

"Now I get why people have children, they can admire themselves in someone else." – Eli after Marissa records Roland.
This interaction was also enjoyable. It was almost like we got a Good Wife revival without having to wait 10 years:
"Everything comes full circle again, doesn't it?" – Eli.
"Yes, first the tragedy and then the farce." – Alicia.
The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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