Bill Murray

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company

Everybody loves Bill Murray.

He's one of those rare, non-polarizing celebrities—the kind of anyone would want to have a beer with. He pops up at bachelor parties, sporting events and even small-town ice cream socials organized in his honor, and with each random interaction, we're more impressed by how down-to-earth and charming the 65-year-old Golden Globe winner really is.

Bill Murray is the stuff Internet legend is made of, but he's also human. On Thursday, a few fans likely wanting a Bill Murray story of their own learned this the hard way when the Jungle Book star made it clear he wasn't in the mood to have his photo taken.

As first reported by TMZ, Bill was hanging out at the Vesuvio rooftop lounge in Carmel, Calif., when three fans began taking photos of him on their phones. The starstruck patrons were reportedly "pretty obvious, with flashes going off only 10 feet away from Bill," and he wasn't having it. Per TMZ, the actor became angry and threw the fans' phones off of the second story rooftop.

The Carmel Police Department confirmed to E! News that officers were called to Vesuvio restaurant, where they were told by three individuals that their phones had been taken from their hands and thrown, and alleged that Bill was responsible. According to police, two of the three phones were damaged, and by the time officers arrived, the actor had left the scene.

Let's not freak out, though: On Friday morning, the Carmel Police Department contacted Bill, who agreed to handle the damages and compensate the victims (who will not be pressing any charges). There's no crime here because no one is pressing charges, and the Carmel P.D. is only assisting with the restitution. As they noted to E! News, everything is being handled in a civil manner.

In the end, all is OK, and we're mad at Bill, either. The thing that makes all the one-off Bill Murray stories we've heard previously great is that the happened organically. Trying to force a a chance narrative just isn't going to work...what's that saying again?

Anyway, if your Bill Murray encounter is meant to happen, it will, and then you can brag about it on the Internet to your heart's content.

—Reporting by Roxana Salcedo

Jennifer Lawrence freaks out over Bill Murray in the video below.

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