When we die, please engrave on our tombstones: "Here Lies Someone Who Once Took Great Pleasure in Writing About 2 Turtles Having Sex at NYFW." This story is peak career for us.

So don't you just hate it when you're at New York Fashion Week and you're modeling for a designer and two 200-pound African tortoises just start humping right next to you? If we had a dollar for every single time that happened during NYFW…

At designer Mathieu Mirano's desert-themed presentation, the runway was covered in sand and the giant tortoises were allowed to roam freely around the floor where the models were showing off gorgeous gowns. Well, one of them felt a little too free because in the middle of the show he began to hunt down a female tortoise for a little shell on shell action.

You can watch the male chasing down his conquest in the Instagram video above, and may we suggest listening to Trey Songz's "Mr. Steal Your Girl" to really set the mood?

Those beautiful creatures didn't let the eyes of the models or the audience members keep them from participating in the ancient art of physical lovemaking. Society's judgment won't stop their passion! They truly found love in a hopeless place, so don't get in the way of two tortoises just trying to find a place in this crazy world to copulate.

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We love you, Fashion Week sex turtles. Also, dibs on "NYFW Sex Turtles" as a band name. DIBS!

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