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Well we didn't see that coming. 

We could be talking about nearly every plot twist on The 100, but we're specifically referring to Lexa's badass Hunger Games move at the end of her fight with Roan. First, it looked like she was done for, until she flipped over and turned the tables on him. He had the guy in the perfect position to stab him with her spear, but luckily for all of us, she didn't. 

Instead, she turned and expertly sent her spear hurtling through the air, right through the Ice Nation queen's torso. She then acknowledged Roan's new place as the king, and we were actually cheering out loud. 

Roan may not have even half of his mother's brutal tendencies, but the leadership change may have come just slightly too late, since Arkadia has a new chancellor who's so not on board with becoming the 13th grounder clan.

Pike and Kane were at odds all night, until Pike had enough. He convinced the angry and mourning Bellamy to help him arm his own people so they could go take down their grounder enemies once and for all. Lincoln did his best to stop them, but the fact that he's a grounder himself did no good. He even got a giant rock thrown at his head, which was truly rude. 

Pike's little raid didn't get very far before they were caught and thrown in Arkadian jail. They didn't last long there, however, since that democratic vote Kane asked for kind of backfired. The Arkadians elected Pike as their new chancellor, and you can probably guess the first few things he did. 1) Get his people out of jail, 2) screw the whole 13th clan idea, and 3) continue with the gun thing. 

This is not going to end well. 

One thing that might end well—or at least one thing we're really hoping will end well—is Clarke and Lexa's current relationship. They're not exactly back on "love of my life" terms, but there were definitely some tender looks exchanged while Clarke was bandaging the hand Lexa cut when she grabbed hold of Roan's sword during the fight. 

Can we talk about that fight, by the way? That was some truly gorgeous choreography, and our hearts were actually jumping out of our chests during that scene. Just one more piece of evidence that this is one of the best shows currently on TV, we guess. 

The 100 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW. 

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