Space Jam, Bill Murray, Michael Jordan


You may have heard about the Redditor a few years back who proposed an insane theory about our favorite classics Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Fans may also know that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Michael Jordan and Bill Murray basketball classic, which is why Gizmodo recently resurrected the theory that is currently blowing our mind. Is it just us, or do movie conspiracy theories make you 10 times more excited to watch the film? Anyone? First off, both of these films take place in a world where cartoons exist next to humans. 

But you already knew that —duh. The video notes (which you have to watch below) that in Roger Rabbit, set in the '40s, cartoons and humans didn't really get along so much. This leads the future 'toons to be fearful of walking openly among humans during the Space Jam era. Makes so much sense! We won't ruin the rest of the revelations for you, but we will say that everything adds up, and we're convinced of this theory. 

Tell us your thoughts about this crazy conspiracy in the comments!

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