How to Get Away With Murder


How to Get Away With Murder is back! Finally! Which, as Liza Weil put it when we spoke to her at aTVfest last weekend, means that the last five minutes of the midseason premiere were so insane that your mind is probably still in the process of being blown.

"The last five [minutes] are so crazy that people's brains are going to be exploding and they're going to be trying to get it all back inside," she told us (and she was right!).

To quickly recap:

-Annaliese went full-on crazy with her painkillers, hallucinating a baby

-She still managed to scheme her way into getting Catherine to confess to shooting her, though

-Asher is NOT WELL following the whole "accidentally becoming a murderer thing," but what he confessed at the police station didn't have anything to do with the Keating Five's crimes—he just wanted to report that he thought his father's death was a homicide

-Oliver is growing closer to the gang, but he's not exactly pleased that he and Connor are stuck babysitting drunk, depressed Asher

-Annalise was PREGNANT, yo!

How to Get Away With Murder


Here's what we can expect from the coming episodes:

The Keating Five are divided: As Jack Falahee told us at aTVfest, while last year's midseason break saw the group return as a united force, this time around they're all divided.  "Everyone is reacting to Annalise's crazy in very different ways and I think in ways that the audience will find shocking for some. And through that, different leaders begin to emerge within the group," he said. "Annalise has been shot, so she's recovering and certain people have to take the reins and the reigns trade hands quite a bit, meanwhile, there are people on the sidelines…it's pretty messy."

But they'll soon grow closer: "Oliver is very involved, so you see that play out a little bit," Falahee said, adding, "The second half of the season feels much more like a character study, it's how all these characters are reacting to things we've seen in the first half of the season. Obviously there's still plot and all these things working, I do think you see a lot more of that sort of gooey relationship stuff, taffy being pulled apart, which is cool."

How to Get Away With Murder


More flashbacks: "There's so much happening. The other great thing about our back five is that we do get to flash back, so we get to see young Bonnie and young Frank, and more of young Wes and Sam comes back," teased Weil. "We get to see how these people were before…like before the storm a little bit, like how they behaved in normalcy a bit. That's been really illuminating in terms of moving forward and learning more about these people as well."

Answers: Don't worry, the Christophe mystery will come to a close. "I can say that will be resolved by the end of the season, so you'll know all that," said Weil. "It will be tied up."

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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