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Turns out Jennifer Lopez was wrong. Our love does cost a thing. Many things, actually. Billions of things, to be precise.

You sit on your throne of lies, J.Lo!

Finance website WalletHub did some research on what kind of coin will be dropped this Valentine's Day in the United States this year, and the numbers are quite shocking. Especially if you think V-Day is a totally made-up holiday.

According to WalletHub's data, Americans are projected to spend $19.7 billion on Valentine's Day swag. 19.7 billion dollars! That's actually insane. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, giant stuffed bears, lingerie...that love crap adds up!

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On average, you'll be spending $146 on your bae, which seems like a crazy amount of money for flowers and things with red hearts on them. Although, we're totally down to get 150 bucks worth of chocolate.

Here are some other facts that will either impress you or depress the hell out of you: 

•53 percent of women said that they would break up with the significant other if they didn't get anything for Valentine's Day
•14 million people will get on bended knee and pop the question on V-Day.
•1 in 5 people will buy their pets something for Valentine's Day.
•50 percent of singles said they are proud of their relationship status. You should also be proud if you are dating Netflix, because that's a bond that can never be broken.
•1.9 million people will change their Facebook status within a week after Valentine's Day.

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You can check out WalletHub's website for more data and an infographic, but in the meantime, may we suggest some things to spend your $146 on instead of a box of chocolate and red roses?

•Adopt a pet together, or donate the money towards a local animal shelter.
•Take a class together that will teach you something exciting and/or useful, like cooking, self-defense or sign language.
•Donate that money to your significant other's favorite charity in their name.
•Use the funds to sponsor a child from an impoverished area of the world.
•Use the money to sign up a charity 5K that you both can train for together.
•Get the cash all in singles, go to the club and make it RAIN!

OK, maybe don't do that last one, but the other ideas are pretty solid, right? The point is, if we're all spending all this money for one day, maybe we should try and put it toward making the world a teeny bit better.

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