Kristen Wiig owes a lot to the hair and makeup team behind her outrageous look in Zoolander 2

The actress stars as Alexanya Atoz, a villainous accomplice to Will Ferrell's Mugatu reprisal, whose character's larger-than-life lips and wacky hairstyles make her one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the upcoming sequel. 

Speaking to E! News at the New York City premiere of the flick, Wiig revealed how many hours she spent applying and removing her look each day, and let's just say it nearly aligns with a typical work day.

Kristen Wiig


"It was about four [hours] just for the face and then hair was like an hour and half or so," she dished. 

That's not all, though.

The Oscar nominee said, "The worst part was that it took almost two hours to get off. It would be the end of the day and everyone's going home and I'm like, 'I'll be there in two hours!" because they have to scrape it."

Yikes! Seems like movie stardom isn't all glam and glitz after all. 

To hear more of what Kristen said about starring in the "classic" film, watch the video above! Zoolander 2 hits theaters Feb. 12.

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