When it comes to throwing back some beers with the guys, Katie Holmes is a clear winner. Game on!

The 37-year-old actress got into some light-hearted debauchery on the set of The Tonight Show Tuesday when she was challenged to a round of Musical Beers.

As the only lady in the round, Holmes faced off against a cast of characters including host Jimmy FallonDeadpool star Ryan Reynolds and several members of The Roots. Let the games begin. 

The objective of the game—a twist on musical chairs—was simple: get your hands on a red cup. The players surrounded a round table and, as the music played, they encircled the table continuously. When the music paused, the player left without a cup was immediately kicked out, a cup was removed and another round ensued until there was only one cup remaining. 

The actress earned her drinking stripes early in the game when Holmes immediately knocked Reynolds out of the circle by stealing his beer. He may play a gritty action hero on the silver screen, but in real life it seems Holmes is the one to play it tough.

Taking no prisoners, she crushed the game round after round, latching on to beer cups while the others continuously faltered. 

Unfortunately, despite her grandest efforts, the star couldn't secure a victory. In the final round, she came in second against band member Kirk Douglas. 

Still, Holmes has officially proven she's one fierce competitor. Next up–beer pong! 

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