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With the incredibly popular FX series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, we had to look back at Kris Jenner's perspective on the trial and the "signs" that she says may have pointed to O.J. Simpson's involvement in Nicole Brown's 1994 death.

During an interview with E! in 2009, the reality star momager opened up about situations prior to Brown's murder, revealing things we'd never known before—like Simpson's obsession with his wife and the fact that she had been "living in fear" before her death.

"He was in love with her the minute  he laid eyes on her," Kris remembered of the day Simpson met Brown. "I remember Robert Kardashian getting that call, 'I met somebody and you have to help me figure this out. I want to close this deal,' he used to say."

However, that obsession may have not been a health one as Kris recalled, "He wanted Nicole to be a part of his life at any cost. It was almost an obsessive kind of love, when you think about it now and I look back…There's signs that, I think that, looking back on it now, that I would have been more adamant about having her address, you know, because she did have a lot of fear that she expressed to all of us at the end.

"I think that when I look back on it now and how obsessive he was about her, and how much he had to have her, maybe that was a sign. I have no idea. We'll never know," Kris said.

In fact, that intense love Simpson had for Brown played a big role in people's divided opinions on whether he could have killed her.

Kris explained, "I think at the end of the day everybody started thinking: Who could have done this? Your mind does come up with the scenario that, oh my gosh, could it possibly, remotely have been O.J. Simpson?"

She added, "There was a lot of stuff going on with him, personally, and she was living in a state of fear at that time.  That was undeniable… It was very divided. He had his side, and she had her side. So the friends divided. I was on one team—Nicole team—and my ex-husband was on team O.J. And it divided families. It divided friends. It divided children. Her family was in a very horrible situation because there's kids involved. It was a pretty awful time."

Watch Kris' full, emotional interview in the videos above.

The next episode of American Crime Story will air tonight at 10 p.m.

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