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Anyone who watched the Super Bowl last night already knows that Lady Gaga absolutely slayed her rendition of the National Anthem, and no one was prouder of that monumental moment than her fiancé Taylor Kinney

The Chicago Fire star, who couldn't help but agree with us when we called Gaga's performance one of the best of all time, chatted with E! News during his TV Guide Magazine cover party alongside show creator Dick Wolf, and revealed that he wasn't sure his ladylove understood the magnitude of her gig last night.

"She was really excited, she was anxious leading up to it," Kinney tells E! News exclusively. "I remember her saying before she was getting a lot of emails, text messages, I guess social media was getting in touch.

"I don't think she realized the scope of it and the magnitude of what that was. She goes, ‘This is a big deal, isn't it?' I go, ‘ Yeah, yeah babe. It's a pretty big deal, you're singing for the country.' I think that she took the bull by the horns. She was relaxed, she was calm and she belted out a pretty amazing rendition."

The Hollywood hunk also shares that he got in touch with Gaga after her performance, adding with a laugh, "She was eating chicken wings then."

As for what the two lovebirds have planned for Valentine's Day, unfortunately, Kinney tells E! News that his fiancée will be busy preparing for the Grammy Awards (happening on Feb. 15). "She'll be at the Grammy's, so she's working," he tells us, but notes that if there's a chance for him to fly out and be with her, he's definitely going to be by her side.

"I don't think I'm going to the Grammys, but if I can—if I get the time, I'll go out and be with her, yes." 

Gaga has a busy couple of weeks ahead, as she's set to perform a tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys and is going to perform her nominated song at the Oscars. But despite the accolades, including her Golden Globes win earlier this year, Gaga called her Super Bowl performance a "dream come true." 

"I've always wanted to sing the National Anthem at a major sporting event since I was a little girl, and for it to be the Super Bowl, it is the ultimate…" she told, adding that she re-watched iconic performances to get her prepared.

It looks like this year is already becoming the year of Gaga.

Come back to E! Online tomorrow for more from Taylor Kinney about Chicago Fire!

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