Taco Bell, Quesalupa, Super Bowl 50


Think back: What was your favorite moment of last night's Super Bowl game?

That's right, we mean the actual football part. Don't remember? We thought so. But, we bet you can tell us every single detail about everything you ate while you were supposedly "watching" that game. And that's because we Americans are really just here for food. 

But you can't really blame us—the eating portion of this national pastime has been drilled into us for generations now. Football equals food. And today, we even have proof. TiVo decided to crunch the numbers from last night's big broadcast to find out which commercials performed the best (as far as engagement) among the audience, and the answer is all grub all the time.

In fact, out of the top ten commercials, a whopping six were from food or beverage brands—including all of the top three. The coveted number one spot went to that Doritos ultrasound spot. You know, the one where the dad can't help but snack on some delicious cheese supremes while watching the miracle of life. (And wouldn't you?). Following it up are the horrifying Mountain Dew Puppymonkeybaby (shudder) and that much-anticipated Taco Bell Quesalupa reveal. It turns out that putting cheese in a taco shell is bigger than aliens and man buns. 

Also finding a home in the top ten were the Pepsi commercial, the Bud Light commercial and the Skittles commercial coming in at numbers five, eight and nine respectively. We should probably mention that a few non-food-related spots made the list as well, like that Buick convertible and that Marmot thing about falling in love with the outdoors, but you're probably too busy googling when you can get your hands on the Quesalupa to pay attention. 

(For the record, it's available right now).

So there you have it: America is food's number one fan. Maybe the team behind Super Bowl 51 will remember this fact next year, and just cut out that football thing altogether. 

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