This football player may want to take a grace note from Beyoncé on how to properly fall on live television. 

The Denver Bronco's cornerback Aqib Talib was so ecstatic after his team's victory during Sunday's Super Bowl 50 that he couldn't quite keep his feet planted on the ground.

Moments before a live interview with the NFL Network, the 29-year-old athlete took quite a tumble on the set, slipping and falling as his arms flailed in the air. The hosts and a standby crew member were quick to come to the champion's rescue and fortunately he popped right back up with a shining smile on his face. Nothing was going to get this winner down—except gravity. 

Fortunately for all of us, the mishap was memorialized on social media, replayed over and over again for an endless chuckle. Not like we can blame him—he's just won his very first Super Bowl.

Beyonce, 2016 Super Bowl halftime show


Still, as a professional football champion, Talib is probably no stranger to some constructive criticism, so perhaps he should take a closer look at a fellow Super Bowl attendee's smooth moves—'Yonce. 

The Grammy winner hit the halftime stage alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars to serenade the crowd and perform her latest track, "Formation," for the first time live. 

Surrounded by an army of female back up dancers, the singer was in fierce control until one piece of choreography threw her off her typically flawless balance. Queen Bey bounced back—and backwards—while managing to sync up with the rest of her dancers perfectly.

Without the magic of DVR, we probably would have missed Bey's rare moment altogether. Sorry, Talib, but there was no way we'd miss that fumble.

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