Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars may have stole the show at the Super Bowl halftime show, but James Corden and his crew gave them a run, cheer and punch for their money. 

In honor of Sunday night's football showdown, the Late Late Show host gathered up some of Hollywood's finest young actors—Mike and Dave Needing Wedding Dates co-stars Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron and Adam DeVine—to wrap up the night with a virtual ride through cinema's most iconic sports scenes. 

One by one, the foursome got creative in front of a green screen hopping from one classic scene to another. In one moment, the group was sporting red and white cheerleading outfits as they chanted, "Brrr it's cold in here." In a blink of an eye, Kendrick had transformed into Ralph Macchio's "Grasshopper" in The Karate Kid. 

The recognizable moments continued to stream in one by one: picking a fight in The Sandlot, giddying up for Seabiscuit, doing their best Baywatch run on the shores of Chariots of Fire, wearing helmet after helmet for Rudy and The Blind Side and Zac Efron punching a slab of meat as Rocky Balboa. 

James Corden, Varsity Blues, Bra


In a moment of awkward confusion, the blue-eyed hunk mistook a scene from Hoosiers for his teenage hit High School Musical. C'mon Efron—get your head in the game!

Still, nothing was as eye-catching as the late-night host's whipped cream bra while referencing Ali Larter's character in Varsity Blues. 

While they all had agreed to cut that bit of the sketch, Corden was insistent on showing off his dessert intimates. 

"It's still a treat for the ladies, isn't it?" he argued in favor of still doing it. 

It certainly is, Mr. Corden. 

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