If this situation had been about anyone besides Beyoncé, the headline to the story would've been "LOL This Person Totally Fell on Their Ass During the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show!"

But this was Beyoncé. So instead, we're debating if Queen Bey really did have a little stumble or if it was all part of the dance routine.

During her dance off with Bruno Mars at the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show, Beyoncé was obviously slaying it and slaying it hard. She took it down to the floor, like she always does, and it looks like she almost starts to tip backward. But because she's probably some kind of superhero, Beyoncé instead took a little hop back, stood up and without missing a beat, continued dancing as if nothing happened.

Beyonce, 2016 Super Bowl halftime show


It was such an amazing recovery that we're starting to wonder if she even fell at all! And that's the magic of Beyoncé, isn't it? One thing we know for sure: Beyoncé almost falling in front of millions of people still looks better than most people dancing completely upright.

Watch the video of Beyoncé's (maybe) mishap and vote in the poll below!

Beyoncé Super Bowl 2016
Did Beyoncé almost fall during her Super Bowl performance?

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