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You do NOT want to cross Vampire Cami.

In The Originals episode "Wild At Heart," the token human-turned-vamp learned how to become a vampire—and how to manipulate and terrify people into getting what she wants. She is learning the ropes from Klaus, after all.

The episode dealt with the fallout from last week's midseason premiere: Namely, Cami coming to terms with her status as a member of the undead (and learning how to use her newfound vampire sex appeal via more eyeliner and a whole lot of sass), and Hayley mourning the death of her husband, Jackson.

We also got to see how Davina has been coping after being removed from power and shunned (spoiler: not well!). Davina decided to become a Strix witch, so now she's bound to a shady vampire organization, and she also thought it was a good idea to kill herself and go hunt for Kol in witch purgatory. She found him (in his original form), so that's good! Everything else wasn't.

The Originals, Leah Pipes


Cami lashed out at Klaus (and pretty much everyone else in her path), but here's why it was most dangerous for the Mikaelsons: She now is in possession of the only thing that can kill an Original vampire: a horse toy Klaus made for Rebekah when they were kids—with branches from the white oak tree. And she's not afraid to use it, since she's not sired from Klaus' bloodline. Can a girl just get her dark objects back?

Finally, Hayley began to come to terms with Jackson's death in a beautiful scene at the end of the episode. She knows that the reason he died is because they're all tangled up in the Mikaelson family web, so maybe she'll put a little bit of distance between them now.

The Originals airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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