Johnny Weir is getting into a Twitter feud on the premiere of Hashtaggers!

On the first episode of E!'s new digital series, the skating star calls the Hashtaggers to help keep him in the press.

"So I realized too much time goes by between skating events and red carpet events and I think we need to do something to keep me in the public eye," Johhny says.

The Hashtaggers then decide to start a Twitter feud between Johnny and curling star Brock Westlecouch.

While Molly (Patty Guggenheim) takes over Brock's Twitter, Colin (Peet Guercio) takes control of Johhny's account.

The battle starts with "Johnny" calling curling "lame" and quickly escalates when "Brock" calls Johhny's TV career a "joke."

What happens when the two then start insulting everything about each other from their clothes to their pictures?!

Watch the episode above to find out!

You can also stream all of the Hashtaggers episode on EOL!

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