Heidi Klum, Ellen DeGeneres

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For Heidi Klum, no dress is too short to wear on TV.

After taking a seat on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday, she asked the daytime talk show host, "Are you peeking?" Ellen DeGeneres teased her guest for picking such a sexy mini dress, asking, "Did you test that dress out before you came out? Did you sit in it before you came out here?"

"I did," Klum said. "Why?"

"It's short," DeGeneres said. "That's all I'm saying."

Klum admitted she looked leggy in her LBD, but said she took the proper precautions. "I put your underwear on under it that you put in my dressing room," she said. "I always wear mine."

Then she decided to flash the audience.

"You guys wanna see it?" she asked.

After readjusting her dress and taking her seat, Klum explained, "I was like, 'This dress is a little too short.' Thankfully, in your goodie bag, there were your shorts." DeGeneres replied, "It looks good with that dress. That's the kind of underwear I suggest you wear under a dress like that."

The conversation then turned to the eleventh season of America's Got Talent on NBC. Klum is returning to the judges' table, while Simon Cowell will be filling the seat Howard Stern vacated. "I'm very sad that Howard is gone," Klum said, adding, "As annoying as he sometimes could be...he was also so much fun, and I actually enjoyed [working with him]." She also asked what it was like to work with Cowell, as he and DeGeneres were judges on Fox's American Idol in 2010.

"Simon is, uh...He's gonna be interesting to work with," DeGeneres said.

Klum knows he's "very direct" with contestants, but added that she'll take a different approach than Cowell. "I never try to send the contestants off the stage feeling sad and crying," she said.

"Oh, he will. He'll try to make them feel sad," DeGeneres said, adding, "He likes people to not have any hope. He thinks, 'If you're not talented, I'm not gonna even lead you on. You need to know.' And he's gonna be the one to tell you you're not gonna ever make it." Klum does not want "to lead people on either," but said there's a way to be honest without being too mean.

"Well, it's good you're there to give that perspective," DeGeneres said. "And then [fellow judge] Howie [Mandell]'s like that, too. Yeah, Simon...He's a nice guy, but as a far as a judge, he's really tough. You're gonna yell at him a lot. I can't wait to see the chemistry between you two."

Neither can Klum, apparently. "I'm just gonna sing in his ear all day long like I did with Howard," she said. "I was so annoying for him I was always singing and the more I knew how annoying it was for him the more I would sing to him." She asked what bothers Cowell, to which DeGeneres replied, "I don't know. But you'll find out, though. And then you'll keep doing it...I'll think of some things. You know who can help you is Ryan Seacrest? Ask Ryan what Simon doesn't like."

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